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Welcome to Splunk Workforce Development Training

As part of its $100 million Splunk Pledge, Splunk has committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide skills training to individuals from communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry. It is our hope that the Splunk training you receive through the Virtually Testing Foundation helps prepare you for a successful career in our increasingly data-driven economy. 

Why Splunk?

Technology and data skills are in high demand around the world and leading companies -- including 89 of the Fortune 100 -- rely on the Splunk platform. Splunk removes the barriers between data and action, empowering observability, IT and security teams to ensure their organizations are secure, resilient and innovative. And for organizations of all types that must confront ongoing cybersecurity threats, Splunk is a critical tool used to detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain and remediate them.


About Virtually Testing Foundation

Virtually Testing Foundation is a California, USA based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  VTFoundation is funded by individuals and corporate or government donations. Our mission is to serve a cybersecurity focused community by organizing speaker events, hands-on workshops, conferences, and beginner or advanced internships. VTFoundation consists of 30,000 global members. Members can take introductory courses or advance excisting skills to successfully attain employment in the competitive and evolving cybersecurity industry. We offer internship programs to partner universities and allow their students to experience hands-on cybersecurity, management, marketing, sales, web development, digital media skills and earn school credits.